ArpWizard (Standalone beta)
by Ed Deighton
(Ed Deighton Website)

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Operating System:
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License Conditions:

Everything free. Shows popup every 2mins. Registration
will eventually be £15 but free for those who contribute to the beta phase
with useful beta report.

System Requirements:

DirectX 7.0 or better. 16Mb graphics card.

Last Updated: 2003-08-29
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Features modular rack based environment for midi
programming. Realtime midi playback via multi port midi streaming to
outboard gear or standalone softsynths like "Reaktor" or "Reason".

Save and re-use any rackunit or group of rackunits. Browser provides hierachical listing of loops with drag'n'drop to the

Comprehensive midi file import and export, export anything from a simple
looped controller sequence to an entire project with chord markers and midi
key change events.

Powerful editting system includes:

  • Completely customisable commands (instructions).
  • Realtime calculation.
  • Comprehensive undo system.
  • Use multiple commands simultanously, commit, cancel, undo, redo, bring back to edit, complete control.

State of the art harmony sequencing system. Arpwizard provides the most
advanced harmony sequencing capabilities available and enables the
transparent use of harmony sequences with patterns. Use the chord dial for
realtime chord recogition and easy mouse driven control over the harmony.

Complete arranging capability with integrated playlists. Each instrument
has individual song mode toggle for incremental arranging. Trigger loops
with control over start, length and offset. Even record arrangements, meta
sequences or chord changes in realtime using arpwizards specially designed

Over 50 intsructions and various sample rackunits initially made available. Hundreds if not thousands of possible instructions. Final release will include plugin formats for all major sequencers including "Fruity Loops", "Massiva" and "Sonar".

Help improve ArpWizard by checking out the beta, helpful contributers get
a free registration.

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karaoke file

i am patrick and i like midi


screen shots are available at the webside

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