Arpecyza! v1.4
by Sonic Assault
(Sonic Assault Website)

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VST host application

Last Updated: 2005-05-07
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Software Description

32-Step Dual Synth Arp - Loop Recorder.


  • 2 Independent Synths with HADSR Envelopes
  • User Selectable Single, 16/24-bit Wave Player or Soundfont Oscillators
  • Envelope controlled 24db LP Filters
  • 1-32 Note Host Synced Arp Sequencer with Note Slide
  • 6 Patchable Host Synced Parameter Sequencers (3 per Synth)
  • 3 Patchable Host Synced LFOs
  • MIDI Note Message Transpose
  • Shuffle Control
  • Auto Start/Stop Stereo Wave Recorder with Peak Meters
  • Manual Recording Level and Balance Controls
  • Manual BPM Override
  • Default Position Reset On Most Controls
  • Partial Automation
  • User Assignable Automation Capability

Arpecyza! is not a performance synth.

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Great name - looks like could be great machine - was just about to explore it - but the instructions had all the text missing!! - no offence, but with so much blackhearted evil on the net I just hope it wasn't deliberately crippled - because it looked like could be a good app

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