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Last Updated: 2010-10-28
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Software Description

AudioSnail alters the playback speed of music (or other audio) without any change in pitch, in studio-quality. This makes it a powerful learning tool for all musicians. Slow down even the fastest riffs, learn to play any recorded solo, create sheet music by ear, pick out chords and other parts. Absorb the phrasing and style of your favorite artists at your own pace.

Key Features

Time Stretch Adjust Tempo without affecting the Pitch

Studio-quality slowdown results with incredible sonic clarity and fidelity. Adjust the tempo from 20% to 200% of the original speed. Slow enough to learn them note by note or hear fingering subtleties.

Adjust the Pitch without affecting the Tempo

Sing or Play comfortably: Adjust song's pitch (musical key) on the fly, to match your vocal range or playing key.

Is your favorite songs slightly off in pitch? No problem! Now you can micro-tune any song with great accuracy, in 1/100th of semitone steps.

Create Loops

Create and save any number of slowed down loops per track so you can repeatedly practice only the part of the song you are interested in.

Instrument Isolator

Allows you to emphasize the sound of a particular musical instrument, so you can hear and focus on the melody you are interested in (e.g. a guitar solo) much easier.

Graphic Equalizer

10 band graphic equalizer. Improve the fidelity of sound, emphasize certain instruments, remove undesired noises, or create completely new and different timbres.

Multiple audio formats

Audio formats supported: mp3, wav, wma, wmv, flac, aac, cda.

Direct playback from audio CD is also supported.

MP3 Export

Save your song in slow tempo as a regular MP3 file, so you can practice anywhere using your favorite mp3 player without the need of a computer.

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If you're a musician who

If you're a musician who likes to learn new songs and techniques by ear but you wished that music could be played a little slower, then you will definitely appreciate AudioSnail. This software slows down any music between 1% and 400% using a "time-stretching" algorithm which will not alter the pitch.

AudioSnail processes the music in real time - just insert the CD and press the play button.

You may also play MP3, WMA, AC3, AIFF, WAV and more (100+formats are supported.)

Other features include increasing the music speed up to twice the normal rate, pitch adjustments in cents, lower speed, and of course the offers the Instrument isolator which lets you focus at a single instrument.

Although there are other programs with similar features, AudioSnail offers an intuitive and sleek interface that makes your life easier. Recommended 100%

Really amazing software.

Really amazing software. Works like a charm and its the only one that offers the "instrument isolator" feature.

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