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Last Updated: 2012-06-04
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Software Description

AudioBoxBaby is a program that detects music tempo in real time and outputs tempo information as MIDI to control digital display, VJ and other music.

AudioBoxBaby has intuitive controls the most prominent of which is the Sample button which lets you start sampling audio that you prefer. You can lock the tempo, use tempo tap for manually setting the tempo and you can do a 1/2 or double speed. The status bar shows you the current tempo in beats per minute along with tempo detection, map and sync confidence.


  • MME/DirectSound/ASIO audio input
  • Sends a MIDI note-on message once per beat
  • Sends the current beat phase to a MIDI controller
  • Tempo lock
  • Manual tempo tapping
  • Beat shift left/right
  • Tempo double/half
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