AudioCrusher v1.4
by SysDesk
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System Requirements:

LameEnc, BladeEnc or the Frauenhofer Codec for MP3 encoding.

Last Updated: 2005-11-12
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Software Description

AudioCrusher is a freeware CD Ripper with complete ID3v1 support and lots of other features like CDDB support, automatic playlist generation and more.

Some features:

  • Direct CD ripping, no intermediate files for encoding necessary
  • CDDB support
  • Supported formats: RAW, WAV, MP3 and WMA, more formats are available through the Audio Compression Manager interface
  • Automatic play list creation with extended play list information
  • SFV-checksum file creation
  • Full customisable ID3v1 tag support for each track
  • Filenames are fully customisable
  • Supports a wide range of CD-ROM drives

In this version: Propably the biggest new features in this release are the newly introduced command line encoder interface and the normalization feature. As for output formats, this release is also a great improvement: Support for Ogg Vorbis through A. Key's vorb_enc.dll has been added, along with great improvements for the Windows Media Audio support and of course the command line encoders support. This release is also (hopefully) more stable. Remaining top-priority features on the ToDo list are still freedb submission and support for more CD drives, especially on Windows NT/2000.

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this program makes me sleepy now

I am using Audio Crusher together with LameXP to encoding CDs to MP3 songs, but feeling too sleepy with the current Audio Crusher because it always ask me what type of formats (your own setting, CD quality, Radio quality, Telephone quality..)after it finished encoding each song, this keeps me watching at the screen all the time during its proccess. Any one knows how to correct this nuisance, please show me. I'd appreciate very much !

cassette to MP3 recorder

Please help me to record the contents in an audio cassette to MP3 format

great FREE program

this program is easy to use and is free (not just a trial period like most of the others on this site).


AudioCrusher 1.2 canĀ“t find my HP cd-writer 9500. what is the problem???

Karl Moore

<a href="">Karl Moore</a>

fails on NT 4.0

complains about needing ASPI
What's that then?

Re: fails on NT 4.0

: complains about needing ASPI

Looks like ASPI is NOT supported in NT!
You need to use 'SCSI Pass Through Interface (SPTI).


Is there a program like audiocrusher that i can use on windows 2000?

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