Audio Dementia v1.0.1
by Holladay Audio
(Holladay Audio Website)

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File Size: 22.5 MB
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30 Day Trial. Export Disabled. Registration: US$59.95

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Last Updated: 2006-12-11
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Software Description

Audio Dementia is revolutionary in the audio mixing industry because it is the first spatial audio mixer. This means all the user has to do is move an icon to the left and the track will be panned to the left. If the user wants more volume on a track all the user has to do is bring it closer to the center of the stage. It is just that easy.

Now you can have the newest innovative audio mixing software package on your PC or Laptop! Audio Dementia will allow you to fully organize, record, mix, and perform your own music at a professional level, even if you are an amateur!


  • Easy-to-use visual interface
  • 5.1 Surround Sound mode
  • Stereo mode
  • Unlimited track capability
  • Exports .wav, .aiff, and .au file formats
  • Records and plays music exclusively as uncompressed .wav
  • VST plug-ins capability
  • Real time mixing
  • Multiple selections of volume control
  • Easy drag and drop addition of tracks
  • Infinite track loops
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