AudioMulch 2.2.4
by Ross Bencina
(Ross Bencina Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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File Size: 25.4 MB
Price: USD 189
License Conditions:

60 Day Trial. Save and export disabled after 60 days.

System Requirements:

Intel processors only. OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or OSX 10.5 (Leopard)

Last Updated: 2013-07-15
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

AudioMulch is an interactive musician's environment. Bringing together the popular and the experimental, AudioMulch merges the worlds of mainstream electronica and electroacoustic sound composition to create a fluid sonic environment.

While many of the processes featured within AudioMulch are not new to computer music programs, it is the software's ability to carry out these traditionally "studio" or "non-real-time" signal processing techniques in real-time that emerges as its major asset. With AudioMulch, music that has for so long been limited to the pre & post-production practices of a studio can emerge in a new LIVE and interactive context.

Through the essentially unlimited (only by the power of the computer) combination of a network of synthesis and processing contraptions, AudioMulch allows the user to extend their current audio processing capabilities or create new music within their computer without additional expensive software or hardware systems.

AudioMulch 'Contraptions' (signal processing elements) include:

  • Signal Generators: Test tone / noise, drum machine, bassline synthesizer, additive synthesizer, stored sample granulator, loop player, streaming sound file players and recorders (up to 24 channels), Shepard / Risset tone generator, arpeggiator.
  • Effects: Reverb, flanger, phaser, delay line granulator, ring / amplitude modulation, stereo delays, dynamic stereo spatialiser, waveshaper / distortion, digital grunge inducer, pulsar comb filter, frequency shifter, 16 channel live sampling looper, live sampling "canon" looper.
  • Filters: Parametric EQ, resonant comb filter bank, Shepard / Risset filter bank, granular filtering, resonant lowpass with pattern triggering and envelope following control.
  • Mixers: Mono and stereo mixers and gain elements, crossfader, matrix with variable fade times.

AudioMulch supports VST audio effects plugins, allowing hundreds of free plugins and many commercial plugins to be used within the AudioMulch environment.

AudioMulch can be used to process and generate sound files or as a live performance instrument.

AudioMulch allows any processing parameter to be controlled via MIDI. It can synchronise to an external MIDI clock source or generate MIDI clocks which other devices can synchronise with. You can also synchronise copies of AudioMulch running on different computers using a wired or wireless network.

Up to 24 channels of real-time audio input and output can be generated and / or processed by AudioMulch when used in conjunction with a multi-channel soundcard.

For multi-channel and surround sound applications AudioMulch supports recording and playback of multi-channel sound-files, or multiple synchronised sound-files.

Changes in v2.2.4

  • Corrected bugs in LoopPlayer
  • Corrected bugs in LiveLooper
  • AU hosting bugs solved
  • Network Synchronization issues also solved
  • Various other fixes and stability improvements

Changes in v2.2.3

  • Bugfix for crash when selecting the contraption editor "Close All" menu item
  • Bugfix for wrong VST loading when using the "Refresh Plugins List" context menu
  • Increased limit on concurrently open file handles.
  • Bugfix for crash due to VST plugin unloading logic
  • Bugfix for white flashes when closing some Audio Unit plugin custom editor windows.
  • (OS X 10.7 Lion only): Bugfix for intermittent crash when switching Metasurface to full screen.
  • BugFix for LiveLooper when CPU load is high
  • Bugfix for crash when LiveLooper is recording
  • Bugfix for permanently stuck PulseComb
  • Bugfix for hold quantize in PulseComb
  • Bugfix for SDelay not correctly displaying delay times.
  • Now shows Display preset names in preset automation hover tooltips.
  • Bugfix for crash when recalling AudioMulch presets with DFX Transverb VST Plugin.

Changes in v2.2.2

  • Changed title of Settings dialog box to "AudioMulch Preferences" (was "Settings").
  • Made AudioUnit MIDI output code more resilient to bad data from plugins.
  • Various Mac related bugfixes
  • Added 16 channel Matrix and Mixer contraptions.
  • Added right-click for Matrix contraption grid cells
  • Bugfix for issue where automation loop was sometimes skipped when the audio driver buffer size was not a multiple of 64 samples.
  • Bugfix for input/key meters on Limiter, NoiseGate and Compressor to reflect the input level after InputGain has been applied.
  • Bugfix where patch was sometimes scrolled off screen when it was first opened.
  • Bugfix for Flanger contraption that caused audio drop outs, extreme CPU load and crashes when using low Frequency Range settings
  • Added code to sanitize bad audio data coming from VST plugins, which could cause audio drop outs.

Changes in v2.2.1

  • Bugfix for crash when using keyboard shortcuts at startup or on exit,
  • No longer displays Windows-specific DWM MMCSS audio setting on Mac.
  • Bugfix for assertion failure when using the Open Sound File dialog box to preview sound files.
  • Bugfix for problems with level meters flickering, freezing and/or not working under certain conditions.
  • Bugfix for issue where Bassline note name hover tooltips were not displayed properly.

Changes in v2.2

  • Better compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion
  • New stereo chorus contraption
  • New Welcome Screen
  • Updated help system
  • New Timing engine with improved MIDI stability and network synch
  • New Pattern mode MIDI clock sync
  • Better Preset Workflow
  • Support for composing with musical pitch
  • Unlimited contraption presets

Changes in v2.1.2

  • Improved stability of MIDI clock sync
  • Bugfix for contraption preset window
  • Bugfix in audio settings
  • Bugfix for crash assertion failure "DRAG_STATE_NONE"
  • Bugfix for AIFF files selection
  • Improved scroll wheel behavior in properties pane
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