AudioStream 2000 Pro
by InterPlanetary Solutions
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Operating System:
File Size: 3.8 MB
License Conditions:

Crippled software, may be used legally for 30 days. Registration: US$1799

System Requirements:

Minimum: 64MB RAM, 10MB disk space, Intel Pentium 233MHz; Recommended: 128MB RAM, Intel Pentium II 300MHz

Last Updated: 2000-01-16
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

AudioStream 2000 Pro is a complete, integrated solution for audio logging for radio networks and also multitrack recording for small studios. It can record up to 10 channels at once (on five sound cards, at five recording levels, to five seperate drives with a high degree of customisation on a per-card basis).

It also features the same abilities as AudioStream 2000. It can record at specified times and even stop on the next day, record manually, trigger by an external source. You can choose your quality from whatever codec you want (including MPEG Layer 3 in the registered version!). Of course, also complete and customisable visualisation, a year's full support and upgrades, and customisation to suit YOUR needs is all included.

It also now features the ability to start recording when silence is broken and stop recording once there is more silence! What a great way to save disk space!

Files are automatically deleted after a time that you set, or even when your hard drive starts running out of space! If you have an interface card that you would like to use to add some more functionality to AudioStream, let us know and we'll do our best to integrate it into our product! Clients say price and quality beat market leaders by up to six times! Simply install the software, configure it, then leave it alone for months and it will work perfectly, without a hitch.

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windows 2000 pro licence

I want to know the price of the above operating system with 20 licence. Please send me a quote.

Songs creation

Audiostream Pro 2000

Please, could you tell me how I can purchase a Audiostream Pro 2000 and the appropriate Sound Card for it?

Will you be able to donate one or reduce the price? We are just a charity organization producing Radio programs for children. Thanks

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