AudioSurgeon 6.20.4000
by Voyetra

No Download Available

Operating System:
File Size: 12 MB
License Conditions:

Limited use for 20 days after which you must register to continue using the software with full features.

System Requirements:

IBM PC or compatible, with Windows-compatible SVGAdisplay and 16-bit sound card. Pentium-class 233MHz processor with MMX(tm) or better.(400MHz for Windows 2000 / XP)64 MB for Windows 98/ME ; 128 MB for Windows 2000 / XP

Last Updated: 2004-04-26
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

AudioSurgeon is no longer available to download

We have left this page here for anyone who wants to use the comments below

AudioSurgeon lets you get inside your digital music files for the ultimate in customization and control. Optimize loudness, remove unwanted sections, fade out songs, remove hiss, use sound effects and more. You can even convert your music files to and from multiple file formats, such as MP3, WMA and WAVE. It's the ultimate audio recording, editing and CD burning tool!

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Voyetra AudioSurgeon 5

This product would not work for me --- it crashs and their tech support was clueless suggesting only that I uninstall and reinstall it. Well, that didn't work. They also have a "no refund under any circumstances" policy so I'm out even though their product fails. Watch out before you buy or even try this one!

music editing

Does this system allow me to remove vocal tracks from pre-recorded music such as stored recordings or cd's. If not is there a system availiable that will allow me to do this type of editing?

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