RedAmption v0.50 beta
by AudioTeknikk
(AudioTeknikk Website)

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System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2011-10-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

RedAmption is a virtual analog compressor plug-in.

RedAmption is a flexible audio compressor, designed to behave and retain the characteristics of analog compressors. Additionally it has four saturation/distortion modes.


  • Off/On switch
  • Switchable input output meter
  • Switchable gain reduction
  • Stereo, individual left right, mid or side processing buttons.
  • Feed forward / backward blend knob and sidechain blend knob.
  • Alter tone of envelope follower via the Tilt EQ knob
  • Threshold knob. 0-24dBfs
  • Ratio knob. 1: 1.1-20
  • Attack knob. Time 0.1-100 ms
  • Release knob. Time 0.04-4 sec
  • Four saturation mode buttons.
  • Wet and Dry blend knob.
  • Makeup gain knob.
  • Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs.
  • Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement.
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