Augur-52 Synth v1.3.3
by Nick Copeland
(Nick Copeland Website)

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System Requirements:

ANDROID 2.2 and up

Last Updated: 2012-07-02
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Software Description

Augur-52 Synth is a virtual synthesizer based on '80s era analogue poly synthesizers.

This app mimics the bristol augur synth version in stereo with flanger effect. This synth can have two or four voices if multitouch allows multitouch.

It has dual oscillator, mixer, filter, noise, lfo and a pair of envelope generators. The app supports pressure sensitive touch screens, X/Y accelerometer for pitch and mod wheel, multitouch and zooming interface facilities.

The interface has options for fat-finger, analogue filters and rich oscillators however these will consume extra CPU cycles. The interface also has a full piano keyboard setting.

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Changes in v1.3.3

  • HiRes skins
  • Fixes to output recording requester loop
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