Auto Surround Panner
by Kelly Industries
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This demo inserts 1/2 sec of silence every 20 seconds.

System Requirements:

DirectX compliant digital audio editor.

Last Updated: 2002-12-01
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Software Description

Auto Surround Panner is a specialize Auto Panner DirectX plug-in. This plug-in allows you to automatically pan from LEFT to RIGHT and/or FRONT to SURROUND. The surround
encoder does not do all the necessary processing for high end surround
encoding, but should be more than adequate for use as an effect. This
plug-in really shines on guitars with delays or on any backing instrument or

Because of the nature of LCRS Matrix surround anything sent to exclusively
to the surrounds will be 180 degrees out of phase. This means if you are
using a Satellite/Sub Woofer for monitoring you will hear the low end (150Hz and below) drop out when the sound is coming from the surrounds only. You can use the CENTER control which will move the center panning point more towards the front speakers. You can also keep the width to 0.75 or below. That way the low end won't disappear completely.

There are controls for SPEED-FREQUENCY, HOLD TIME, CENTER, WIDTH, and SURROUND VOLUME. There are also two panning curves which are SIN and TRIANGLE, selectable Starting Positions as well as Speed Multipliers With this plug-in you can pan from left to right as well as from front to surrounds.

This plug-in requires DirectXMedia 5.2a or later to operate correctly.

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Sounds Pretty Cool

Sounds pretty cool. The only problem i see is the floating point underflow but otherthan that sounds pretty cool

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