AutokFE v1.0
by AutokDJ
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Last Updated: 2008-03-13
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Software Description

AutokFE is a kiosk style application to allow karaoke customers to browse, search and queue their songs without the need for paper lists, or a DJ to have to spend time entering songs manually. AutokFE allows KJ's and DJ's to focus on their show without having to tend to the manual tasks of customer song selection, queueing, rotations, etc. This is all done automatically by AutokDJ/AutokFE! Spend more time interacting with your customers and less time with a pencil and paper creating lists, tending to rotation rules, etc. AutokFE is optimized for use with touch screen monitors, but can be run with equally funcational results with a keyboard, mouse and CRT monitor, or even a laptop! Requires minimal system resources, works over any standard TCP/IP network (and very well over wireless networks!). AutokFE is part of the AutokDJ software suite providing complete automation of karaoke song browsing/searching, song queueing, complete, customizable & automatic singer rotation logic. Support for pay-venue ($1 per song, etc.) with barcode printed ticket support, complete onscreen visuals, singer rotation list displays (no more "When am I up to sing?" questions - its displayed right on the AutokFE screen as well as on the CDG playback screen).

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Awesome software. I use it

Awesome software. I use it for my weekly venue

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