ACDR v5.0
by FMJ-Software
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Last Updated: 2013-03-25
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Software Description

ACDR (Audio Compact Disc Reader) is a tool that lets you read audio tracks from standard audio CD's and write them to a variety of different file formats.

  • A simple 3-step interface for quick and easy ripping.

  • Works with most CD/DVD/BD-drives.

  • Supports the most common file formats.

  • Supports the 'freedb' internet album database for retrieving track, album, and artist names.

  • Supports the 'Replay Gain' and 'EBU R 128' algorithms for volume normalization.

  • Supports Unicode for international characters in text meta data (APE-tags, ID3v2-tags, freedb level 6, ...).

  • Flexible method for automatically creating files names and for sorting into sub-directories.

  • Professional quality sample rate conversion option.

  • Optional jitter and scratch correction.

  • Convert tracks, 'merged' consecutive tracks, or H:M:S selections.

  • De-emphasis support for correct EQ of rare CD's recorded with emphasis.

New in v5.0:

  • Now Freeware / Donationware!

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