Awave Audio 11.1
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30 day trial. Only the first file in a batch is converted.

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Last Updated: 2013-03-25
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Software Description

Awave Audio is a dedicated audio file format batch converter.

Audio File Format Batch Converter: Awave Audio is the easiest way to convert between different audio file formats.

  • Supports a very wide range of audio file formats (reads from ~90 and writes to ~60 formats).

  • A simple 3-step interface for quick and easy file conversions - handle one file as easily as a thousand!

  • Optional effects processing using built in effects and VST or DX plug-ins.

  • Professional noise shaped dithering options.

  • State of the art sample rate conversion (resamplig) options.

  • Optional psycho-acoustically corrected volume normalization.

  • 24-bit multi-channel audio fully supported.

  • Handles many types of text meta-data tags - with full Unicode support.

  • And much more!

New in v11.1:

  • VST audio effects plug-in support, and more!

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.Ulaw conversion

I recorded my voice which was saved as .wav and I tried converting to .ulaw but it could not play my file. However when I convert a "wav" file from another software it will convert. can somebody please help!

Re: .Ulaw conversion

Chigo - what program are you trying to play the .ulaw file with?
I think the problem is on that end and not with Awave Audio (which writes perfectly find raw mu-Law format files).

Awave Studio help

I,m having a major problem playing my converted Finale midi files as .wav files. They convert o.k. but I get no sound on playback. What am I doing something wrong? It seems like the converted .wav file was not assigned an instument. Can anyone help me on this. It would be very huge of you. Thanks, John.

Re: Awave Studio help

A Midi file is not an audio format. It only contains instructions to your synthesizer or sound card to play back sounds.
So you cant convert a midi file to a wav using Awave. Infact u'll have to record the audio signals from your sythsesizer or sound card using a wave editor software.

email me for further clarifications.

Re: Awave Studio help

Actually you *can* convert a MIDI file to a WAV file in Awave Studio. Awave Studio not only handles 'recorded audio' and 'sampled instruments' but also two handfulls of 'song formats' such as MIDI-like files, mobile phone ring signals et c. The latter are always translated to MIDI internally, and can be converted to WAV format using a software synthesizer. This software synth 'plays' the song and records it at the same time. As instruments to 'play'it with it can use either the Roland GS set that comes with DirectX, or any instrument from any instrument file format that Awave Studio supports (and it supports about 200 file formats!!!).
Now why John is having trouble with the conversion is more difficult to tell. Maybe there's some incorrect 'bank selection' messages in the MIDI file. Or maybe something went wrong when it was saved to a MIDI file from the sequencer. John, I'd suggest that you send your MIDI file to the Awave Studio guys so they can have a look at it and tell you exactly what to do.

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