BFD v3.0
by FXpansion
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Demo limitations: Standalone only, cannot load, save, limited dynamics and fidelity settings. Registration Promo $149 - Regular Price $299

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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2013-10-06
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Software Description

BFD is an acoustic drum production environment for your computer with power and flexibility. Extreme realism and sound quality, fast and easy set up, total plug-in integration to your digital audio workstation.

Customized 10, 18 or 32 piece kits are at your fingertips, with full control over tuning, damping, ambience levels, velocity response and more. Layer parts of the kit for powerful hybrid sounds perfect for modern productions and flick through preset kit-piece profiles for quick access to dry, damped and other useful settings. BFD2 lets you configure your sounds like a real drum kit instead of pushing buttons on a sampler.

You can even import your own stereo sample-sets with multiple velocity layers so you can mix and layer your own sounds with BFD2's for experimental kits and 'drum-replacement' production tricks.


  • 10 full kits, extra snares, cymbals, and more.
  • Incredible detail: Multiple mic positions, expressive articulations, up to 96 velocity layers.
  • User stereo multi-velocity layer sample import.
  • EQ and FX suite containing everything from flanger, bitcrusher and delay effects to circuit-modelled dynamics, filtering and distortion.
  • Great-sounding presets let you concentrate on writing and playing instead of engineering.
  • 5000+ Grooves ready to use in your projects.
  • Built-in multi-channel audio export.
  • Better management of kits, instruments, Grooves and other files.
  • Easy mapping for keyboard/pad controllers and automation.
  • Electronic drum triggering support including expressive hihats and snare positional sensing.
  • A huge range of powerful new features and workflow enhancements.

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New in v3.0

  • 7 new kits (includng metal, rock, jazz and brush kits) recorded in 2 world-class studios
  • New Tom resonance and cymbal swell modelling
  • Added effects and Groove construction tools
  • Improved engine efficiency with streamlined workflow

New in v2.3

  • Supports 64-bit systems

New in v2.0.5.10

  • Long sample tails choking.
  • The out-of-memory warning dialog popping x-number of times.
  • Some behavioural logic in the groove engine that wasn't completely consistent.

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really good plugin

very good plugin there are many drum plugins and i feel like a kid who visited charlies chocolate factory

Guitar, Drum

Thank You For This!

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