BR404 beta
by farbrausch
(farbrausch Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.7 MB
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System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2009-02-24
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

BR404 is a synthesizer plug-in for Windows, programmed by Benjamin "BeRo" Rosseaux.


  • Many different oscillator waveforms and filters.
  • ADSR and freeform envelopes.
  • Extensive modulation matrix.
  • Sample exact modulations (the main reason why BR404 may use slightly more CPU time than other comparable synths).
  • Sample support.
  • Speech synthesizer.
  • PADsynth algorithm.
  • Custom LFO waveforms per sample.
  • 10-band equalizer, Winamp compatible parameter presets.
  • Multiple instances.
  • Export song as win32 executable.
  • Own file format (bmf2wav converter included).
  • Replay plugin for Winamp (and compatibles).
  • SDK for Delphi 5/7, FreePascal 2.x and MSVC / MSVC COFF library file format compatible products included.
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