BUZZ v1.2
by Jeskola
(Jeskola Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 30.1 MB
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System Requirements:

DirectX 8.0 required

Last Updated: 2004-02-27
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Buzz is the first ever "easy to use" free modular software based synthesizer. What this means is that the entire system is based on objects, which may be routed in a modular fashion, giving you the freedom to be as creative as you want. For example, if you wish to run 3 Physical Modelling synths and a Drum Machine through 2 seperate Stereo Delays, into a Mixer, through a Compressor and Parameteric EQ, and finally out to your speakers - no problem. Lay down your synths, connect the wires and you're done.

Download Includes:

  • Jeskola Buzz 1.2 (fixed exe)
  • Stygmate's Fixed Buzz.exe
  • 229 Generators
  • 426 Effects
  • Overloader 1.5m
  • Updated index.txt
  • Ld0d's Auxbus
  • 14 Utilities
  • Improved VST2 Support by Polac
  • Revised Manual
  • 76 Templates
  • Demo songs including Machine Demos.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the installation the Buzz Fix kit will be started automaticly. Make sure you choose the "Setup" option to install Buzz correctly!

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You can find an updated

You can find an updated version of this program at
so any of you who are complaining about compatibility issues for the very obvious reason that your trying to install a program thats nearly a decade old on your machine, check it out.

recently created machine are still posted on

support at

Awesome Music Studio Software!

It is best to go to the website Jeskola Buzz or Buzz Machines and do the download there. I have been using Buzz for over 5 years without nary a hiccup. I too am running an XP machine SP3. This program along with Cakewalk are my "Go To" studio programs. There is a HUGE following of Buzz users and tech support is first rate.

If you have a question or problem you can post it on the forums and get tons of excellant help in a matter of minutes. I have a professionally installed music studio in my home and I would be lost without Jeskola Buzz. You will have to set compatability mode to either Windows 95 or 98 I can't remember, after all I installed it 5 years ago. There is also a downloadable user manual on the site that I recommend to all 1st timers. With over 300 instruments and synthesizers it is hard to beat. Like all software it takes time and effort to learn how to use it. Without a doubt a 1st rate program.


I sent it to the recycle bin. A wate of time.
Kill the useless vst makers .
AUG !!!

What a pile of crap. This

What a pile of crap.
This doesn't install on my XP SP2 machine. Lots of questions during installation. At the end it does nothing. Nothing has been installed, except some Menu stuff.

You have taken a lot of effort to create something that doesn't even install.

What a pile.

Buzz Machine

I downloaded the program yesterday. It got to 29 megabytes and froze. I turned the computer off, back on, and tried to find the program. Not anywhere to be found! I'm told that it is sitting in there without a name. Well, it would be fun if I could retrieve and use it. Is that possible?

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