BackToBasics 9.004
by Bludgeonsoft
(Bludgeonsoft Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 399 KB
License Conditions:

Registration fee $40

System Requirements:

Windows 95+ using DirectX 3+

Last Updated: 2003-11-01
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Software Description

BackToBasics, now developed at Bludgeonsoft, is the premier digital sample triggering software for today's - and yesterday's - advanced computers.

BackToBasics is geared toward live performance, no delayed quantized playing or locked time signatures and no MIDI sequencing, just real-time triggering of raw or manipulated samples. With BackToBasics you can turn your computer into a truly live audio performance tool. 'Just say NO' to 'just hit play' electronic musicians!

Using BackToBasics, you can separately configure 47 keys on your computer keyboard to play any number of stereo sounds at one time (limited only by your sound card) while controlling each sample's pitch, volume, loop type, and more.

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Great software!

Great software!


Its an excellent program that uses Directx (it seems). when I use the main wav directory, it can't find it so I can go to any directory with wavs and use my own. For $30, why download the patch to make it free? Maybe if it was a high price. We should support programmers like this one!

Excellent site

excellent site
keep it up
more instructions bout the softwares would help

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