BeRoTracker Classic Alpha
by Benjamin Rosseaux
(Benjamin Rosseaux Website)

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Last Updated: 2005-09-13
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

The features of BeRoTracker:

  • It's now modular!
  • Saves MOD XM S3M IT and my own format BRT
  • VST/VSTi support
  • BTP/BTPi support (my own VST/VSTi alternative)
  • Automations (incl. VST/VSTi/BTP/BTPi parameter automations)
  • Extended instruments (for example: you can assign a VSTi/BTPi directly to a instrument without the normal way over the MIDI instrument settings, but this does in my tracker too)
  • Drum Patterns
  • IIRLowPass/IIRHighPass/FIRLowPass/FIRHighPass/FIRBandPass/FIRNotch Filter
  • Extra cutoff AND resonance instrument envelopes!
  • LFO for each instrument envelope!
  • Extended instrument envelopes
  • supports 8/16/24/32 Bit & 32Bit
  • FloatingPoint Mono/Samples Samples

  • Raw/Linear/CubicSpline/WindowedFir/PolyphaseFir/Sinc8/Sinc16/Sinc32/Sinc64/Sinc128/Sinc256/Sinc512/Sinc1024 Resampling
  • a high quality 32-bit floating point mixer
  • extended automatic click removal
  • Extended pattern editor with more columns (extra Pan&Filter colums)
  • Piano Roll Editor
  • MIDI In
  • MIDI Out
  • Up to 255 base channels
  • Up to unlimited NNA channels
  • Up to unlimited drum channels (Drum Patterns)
  • WAV export (up to 192 kHz,
  • 8/16/24/32 bit/32bit floating point)

  • MIDI export (incl. midi macros)
  • can import & export all modplug tracker extenstions correctly
  • extended effects (for example: you can assign directly a effect number to a VST/VSTi/BTP/BTPi parameter)
  • complete written/coded in object pascal (Delphi/FreePascal) include playerengine
  • My playerengine is extremly easy portable for other systems (with FreePascal) but the tracker itself is win32 only yet, but I will write a portable version later..
  • And much more.

New in this version:

  • GUI speedup (a lot of GUI code parts rewritten)
  • Two new graphic features under samples and at the envelope (it shows now the current played position)
  • New sound system. GUI wil very smooth even with bigger buffer sizes. How it works internally, it is my sercet
  • Small IT loader bug fixed
  • VST host improved (now with complete support for

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