Be in your Stereo
by Stephen van Egmond
(Stephen van Egmond Website)

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Last Updated: 2001-08-01
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Software Description

Be in your Stereo is a plug-in for SoundPlay that scans your BFS volumes for digital music files. It builds a cross-referenced index of your collection based on Artist, Genre, Year, and Album BFS attributes, then serves up views of your track list and collection via HTTP. It is ideal for building a home audio server.

In addition to your current play list and cross-referenced views of your entire music collection. It will accept commands to add chunks of your collection to the playlist, and manipulate playback in useful detail - volume, track, track position, etc.

If you hate the user interface, that's cool - you can try out one of the various skins people have created, or try making your own with the included API.

With the plug-in, you can park a BeOS machine with a modest CPU, quiet fan, networking, audio and storage hardware next to your stereo, and manipulate it from anywhere on your home network. The plug-in plays nice with the LiveEncoder included with SoundPlay, so you can easily set up your own radio station.

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