BillaBoop v0.1
by Music Technology Group
(Music Technology Group Website)

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This plug-in currently only works in Plogue Bidule - Windows.

Last Updated: 2005-07-01
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Software Description

This plug-in currently only works in Plogue Bidule - Windows.

BillaBoop is a real-time beat boxing interface, developed by Amaury Hazan at Music Technology Group.

The system lets the user control drum synths, samplers, and effects with is voice, and is focusing on percussive signals. The project mainly uses techniques of Audio Signal Processing and Machine Learning. Descriptors generation, onset/offset detection, vocal hit segregation, mapping and synthesis are achieved in real-time.

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Hello This is great plugin.


This is great plugin. I have Plogue Bidule, but i cant find this app to download. i want to use it for my own. Could someone send me an link? Thank you very much.

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