Bome's SendSX 1.30 Beta 3
by Florian Bomers
(Florian Bomers Website)

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Private users send the author a (real) postcard from your hometown. See Postcardware. Commercial users (i.e. anyone making money using the software) are asked to acquire a license through payment.

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Last Updated: 2013-02-18
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Software Description

Small utility for Windows to create small sys-ex messages and to send these small sys-ex messages to whatever midi-device.

Especially you can test small sys-ex requests, because the reply as well as all other events from the midi-device are displayed. So it's as well a small midi-monitor. Additional features are loading and saving of sys-ex files, so you can archive bulk dumps from your MIDI device and send them later back to the device.

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Changes in v1.30 beta 3

  • MIDI thru independent of “only sys ex” setting
  • option for only one instance
  • faster display of incoming/outgoing MIDI data
  • auto-detect new/removed MIDI devices
  • only send selected portion
  • add action log
  • option to only receive sys ex
  • context menus for boxes
  • enable loading of MIDI files
  • add logs for all activity
  • new settings dialog
  • only send selected portion
  • option to only receive sys ex
  • context menus for boxes with copy/paste
  • Bugfix for bulk dump
  • Bugfix for issue where it did not remember the currently active MIDI devices
  • use a new high-performance display for the sys ex boxes
  • file size is only limited by available memory
  • faster loading of large files
  • allow choice of font and font size
  • wrap normal MIDI messages correctly upon loading
  • setting send speed allows fine grained selection of speed in bytes/second
  • show progress with transfer rate during sending and receiving
  • allow comments (//, ;, #) in MIDI Out box
  • minimum size of the 2 boxes to prevent to accidentally hiding them
  • split statusbar for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT messages.

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hello, I have tried to send and receive data from the psr-gx76 yamaha keyboard with the Bome's SendSX 1.22 , but the device indicates error when receiving, deleting the user songs , if you can help me what are the steps to solve this problem, we would appreciate your help, thank you


hi plz i want to bome this e mail

bulk dump/receive problem

I downloaded SendSX(v 1.21). I saved the bulkdump file from PSR-GX76 as a .syx file. When I tried to load the file back to my keyboard, I got a message "RcvError" for about half a second followed by "BulkRcv". The worst part is that the operation erased all my user songs which is the reason I want to bulk dump in the first place. Does anyone have any suggest on how I can save and reload user songs safely in this situation? Thank you very much for your help.

midi/usb ?

I'm looking for software where an esternal midi foot controller can map and trigger (give commands) to program files I.e. trigger a sound bite. Thank you

Bome's SendSX is perfect!

I tryed to send exclusive data from PC to my instrument with other softwares.
But I have never successed.
Then I can do with your software "Bome's SendSX".
Thank you very much.

bome sysex

I have not been able to use the software. I get data sent to the pgm and save it, copy it to the send side, send it back and nothing happens.

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