Brackenbury-1 Tube Amplifier
by Florida Music Company

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File Size: 1.48 MB
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System Requirements:

VST Host that supports effect plugin.

Last Updated: 2005-08-08
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Software Description

Brackenbury Amplifier is based off of The Brackenbury-1 TubeAmplifier designed by former Thomas Organs and Wersi designer Chris
Brackenbury in the early 90's.

Featuring drive, volume, delay and all of the other controls found on regular amplifiers, the Brackenbury Amp also features a unique sweepable EQ system, to create interesting new sounds.

The Brackenbury Amp also comes with a collection of great presets, with everything from Seventies acid-rock sounds to clean Jazz guitar.

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Yet another piece of

Yet another piece of freeware that does not work! Why am I not surprised?

Can you please tell us what

Can you please tell us what went wrong?

Branckenbury AmpSim

this is a decent amp sim, if you are new to the VST world. definitely a good sim to get newbie's used to the idea of amp simulation, but overall made insufficient compared to other freeware sims. easy to use, and has a decent sound. it's fun to play around with.

No sound from speakers

try to play my preamp acoustic guitar via line in of my PC . There is no sound from speakers at all !(only finger nail noise) . Do I need something else to use it properly ?

VST Host.

This Plug-in sounds great. I'm new to VST host software. Is there any way to regulate the latency. I'm getting at least a half second delay. Not acceptable for real time performance. I've been using Guitar FX Box 2.7 that has almost no lag at all. If I could get the sound from Brackenbury-1 into that engine I would be thrilled.

Install ASIO4ALL driver -

Install ASIO4ALL driver - removes delays.

Line in

I can't get the amp to recognize my guitar through the soundcards line in or the mic.?

ASIO4ALL is recommended for

ASIO4ALL is recommended for every standard sound card. Studio INterface Cards have their own ASIO driver

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