Brain Sound Studio
by The Transparent Corp.
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Last Updated: 2005-02-12
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Software Description

Sound has always been able to affect people. Listening to the sound track of a dramatic movie can affect the way you feel, listening to fast music while driving has been proven to make you drive faster, and nearly every culture on earth has used drum beats and chanting to enter trance-like, spiritual states.

But what if sound could be used to directly affect the brain? What if sound could be filtered or modified in such a way that it could relax, energize or even focus the listener?

Through a process known as audio brainwave entrainment (or BWE), sound can not only be used to affect your mood, but can also directly affect your brainwaves and induce a huge variety of mental states. In fact, ANY sound can be used - and no special equipment, not even headphones, are required.

Brain Sound Studio (BSS) takes any sound of your choosing - such as an MP3 or WAV file - and filters it through a series of complex scientific filters, subtly changing the sound to have a dramatic effects on the brain. Using BSS (PC software), you can guide your brain to nearly any mental state, such as concentration, euphoria, accelerated learning, relaxation, trance and more. You can even use BSS to help with disorders such as ADD and Depression.

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