Breakage v23
by Ollie Glass
(Ollie Glass Website)
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Last Updated: 2012-10-17
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Software Description

Breakage is an intelligent step sequencer and drum machine.

This program raises the bar for live drum machine programming and performance. Where traditional step sequencers edit one note at time, Breakage adds neural network and pattern morphing functions to allow composition above the note level.

Patterns are written in a step sequencer grid and a neural network is used to learn relationships between drums. After training, the network can generate complementary parts to your live drum programming.

New in v23

  • You can now select the sample browser's root folder.
  • The pattern editor can display circles, squares or rectangles.
  • A collection of bossa nova patterns is now included.
  • There are now command line options to reset settings to defaults and run in a debug mode.

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Re: Any good?

I think nobody can tell you if its any good, because there is no way to download it :-(

Hi Anon, there are download

Hi Anon,

there are download links on my website, at

They were offline for a while but they're back up now. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading it.

Best wishes,


Compatibility of Breakage v23 with recording programs.

Just wondering whether Breakage v23 can be used to make a drum track for recording on programs such as Audacity? I don't need anything live but I could use a good drum machine for my home studio work...

You can download it!

The download links are on the developer page. Here is the link for the latest Windows Version:

Any good?

It looks wicked but is it any good?

Re: Any good?

I'm going to download it and give it a shot!

Re: Any good?

I tried it and I wasn't impressed. When I shut the program down, it rebooted my computer!

Good thing I wasn't doing anything important!

hy ppl i reli need help

every tym i download softwares they become zip files and i
dnt know how to unzip them pls help.

Download WinZip and unzip

Download WinZip and unzip the files



Re: Any good?

Did you find a way to stop it from rebooting your computer? Or did you not try it again? And what was it like to use?

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