BugPass v1.1
by Betabugs!
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VST Host.

Last Updated: 2005-04-28
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Software Description

BugPass is a a dual-function plug-in. Its primary job is to serve as a bandpass filter, with sliders which enable a quick visual reference to the size of the frequency band being passed through. However, by reversing the sliderpositions, BugPass will also serve as a notch filter, eliminating frequencies between the sliders while leaving the remaining frequencies intact.

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effective but crashes sonar

cuts very efficiently, when you cut all below ,say 200hz, there is nothing left below 200 hz. according to speectrum analyzers. however it crashes sonar studio 5.2. 50 % of the time. i manage to use most of the time though by freezing the processed track before problems occur.
i still keep it cause nothing removes frequences as decisively.

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