FlexiMusic Composer April2007
by Ponnuchamy Varatharaj
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Last Updated: 2007-04-01
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Software Description

FlexiMusic Composer is a multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing of music using sampled instrument sounds. You can create your own songs and tunes at home easily, by mixing various music pieces and samples of your choice. You can also add effects to your music. Various sounds can be created through just one single sample sound. It provides fun and invites you into the emotion of making music, letting anyone create music on their personal computer.


  • FlexiMusic Composer consists of full sound sample library. It includes all the instruments of a symphony orchestra - strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, pipe organ, harpsichord, and many more fine instruments.
  • FlexiMusic Composer is organized into tracks. Each track can have many patterns, and each pattern contains an unlimited number of instruments. You can also add an unlimited number of tracks to a song.
  • Music Cycle: FlexiMusic Composer has three types of music cycles, Step Cycle, Bar Cycle and Single File/Voice.
  • Choose an instrument from the available instrument lists. FlexiMusic Composer has more than 600 instruments sounds, including congas, kick drums, snares, guitars, basses, pianos, strings and many more.
  • Unlimited Number of Instruments: Any number of instruments can be added as per the requirement of the song.
  • Unlimited Voices: Many lyrics can be added to the song. There is no voice limitations for FlexiMusic Composer.
  • It can handle hundreds of sounds and all can be read at the same time.
  • It has many effects like Volume and Pan, Equalizer, Echo, Wave on Wave, Reverse, etc...
  • Unique pieces of melodies can be created using FlexiMusic Composer.
  • The basic output of FlexiMusic Composer is loop-able pieces of music organized into tracks. Each track consists of one or more patterns that are triggered in the Edit Music Cycle loop.
  • FlexiMusic Composer's output mix allows you to stretch this basic unit of music into a full-length composition by turning tracks ON or OFF as the song plays. You can add an unlimited number of mixes to a song.
  • Only a couple of megabytes is necessary to save your songs in the FlexiMusic Composer file format (*.FmCmp)
  • The total output song can be saved as a WAV file (*.WAV).
  • Although FlexiMusic Composer is user-friendly, meager in price, it has powerful interface and large capabilities.
  • If you are fond of music, you'll definitely love the experience of creating music of yourself. All you need is a personal computer, FlexiMusic Composer and creativity.

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keyboard composition

Have tried using Cakewalk to compose music...playing on the keyboard and recording it to the computer using Cakewalk...Big problem is if you pause Cakewalk puts in unwanted rests that you cannot edit out...Is there a better program? I simply want to be able to play on the keyboard and have what I play print up into sheet music.

Robert Thistle


Jus wanna ask if its possible 2 save ya work.. plz can sum1 answer me asap. cheers. E-mail me if u want. but b quick. thx a lot!

Yes you can

Yes you can save in it. (*.mus file)


I couldn't understand what was going on (while playing demo). I had seen better for less!

Not a problem

: I couldn't understand what was going on (while playing demo). I had seen better for less!

It takes some time to process for the first time you play in it.

it is a good dj software?

well? before i download this file, is it a good tool for making Garage underground dance and house music??

Yes but the other one: see at www.fleximusic.com/orchestra/overv

Chack out the same author's other software at their home www.fleximusic.com/orchestra/overview.htm
That is specialized for DJ and Home hobby

waa !!! original piece

Some thing new to musicians.
An all in one tool.

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