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Last Updated: 1999-09-08
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Software Description

COMP-G-TAB can be used to convert MIDI files (type 0, 1, and 2) to guitar Tabulature sheet music. This program works well on MIDI files which have large sections of notes played in the same proximity (i.e., two handed piano, or single track MIDI files using many simultaneously playing instruments are difficult to read once transcribed).

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Where the hell do i...

get some TAB / sheet music for campfire songs. I am needing it soon- we are having a campfire night @ rainbows and i need to beable to play them by then. i cant find any TAB anywhere- email me if you have some or know where i can get some!
Thanx to all helpers!


I tried to install this program on Windows 2000. The progress bar ran right to the end, but the installation kept going. I left it to get on with things, and when I came back, it had written 5 GigaBytes on my hard disk!


install the clip art 150,000 in my computer

Re: installatin

please sole my problam,
how to install win98 a new computer plsease tal me with all comands in deatils.

Comments about COMP-G-TAB

The software is very easy to use and powerfull.
However I found some bugs. Some times when you print the tablature of one track, some measures that are supposed to have information tablature (you can see it on the monitor) are printed empty. Also it would be interesting if you could select which measures to print from tracks, when you donĀ“t want to print the entirely song.

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