CS1x-Edit v1.24
by Florian Bömers
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Windows 3.11/95/98 Yamaha CS1x

Last Updated: 1999-01-17
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

• Edit your own Performances with the Performance Editor. An easy-to-use interface provides access to every parameter of a performance. You have all parameters at one glance, and the changes you make are instantly audible.
• Additionally, the Randomizer creates exciting new sounds. Manage the preset and user bank of performances in the main window (Control Panel) and the Bank Compiler.
• With the Player you can play your midi files while editing a performance, thus hearing your new sounds in real life.
• The Utility allows to set the system-parameters of the CS1x. Set up the controller assignments, the midi channels, etc.

In every window you have the possibility to load and save the respective data as a System-Exclusive (*.syx) or as a midi (*.mid) file. Moreover CS1x-Edit offers high flexibility regarding sending and receiving the data to and from the CS1x via MIDI (bulkdumps).

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Great ShareWare !!!

Thanks for a great editor,is verry painful to get a cool sond programing in 16 caracters display,
please send me information to up date this progam and for cool tips on programing Csx1

Mute Channels and save peformances

I was thinking about buying a CS1x, but I couldn't find an options to mute channels seperately and and there were anly 128 user banks.

So I was wondering if this program can mute each channel and if it can save the parameters (for example cutoff) at the computer.


17 December 1998

Hello Man !

I ve downloaded your soft and I think I'm going to buy

it but I'm not sure.

I've a Idea for you !

In fact we don't CREATE new performance, we just

MODIFY parameters. So, why don't create a wave editor

or something like that with which we could record sound

and send it in our dear CS1X (using AWE2 format).

Yamaha people do so, why not us ?

In fact we could transform our CS1X in a kind of sampler.

I hope you will answer me ! So if you disagree, send me

an E-Mail !

WARNING: I'm in school til 22 December, after I've holiday

So You must wait for an answer til 11 January 1999

Ciao !

Update 1.23a

Can you please tell me how to get the 1.23a update?

I have a registred version of 1.21.


Re: Update 1.23a

: Can you please tell me how to get the 1.23a update?

: I have a registred version of 1.21.

: Thanx!

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