Converter v1.5
by urr Sound Technologies Inc.
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Operating System:
File Size: 999 KB
License Conditions:

For the most part, none - see manual accompanying software.

System Requirements:

486/DX33 or higher, Pentium 100 or greater strongly recommended, SVGA video card with 512k or more video memory, one of the supported soundcards.

Last Updated: 2001-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Converter was developed as a professional system for sophisticated real-time midi performance within the context of both studio and live applications. Designed from the ground up to ensure maximum performance, bullet-proof reliability, and exceptionally low latency, converter provides a highly versatile, programmable, and friendly environment for both commercial and experimental music production. As well as its significant abilities as a midi stream processor, converter also provides advanced audio to midi conversion with several channels of filters as well as comprehensive support for gameport (joystick) and mouse to midi conversion to permit additional sources for real-time performance control (such as touchpads or customized control surfaces). A detailed 60+ page manual in adobe acrobat format, designed for both the novice as well as the more experienced, accompanies the software package which is completely free for both commercial as well as non-commercial use - no restrictions, no shareware nags.

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Couldn't download.

Please help me work through this.

Midi converters

I would like to find converter midi to mp3.

Re: Midi converters

: I would like to find converter midi to audio.


uses dos!! it should have mentioned that! shouldnt this be in another section??

Re: dos!!

Yeah, that's what I thought, they should have said so...

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