Chordsearch 1.14
by Giltrex Ltd.
(Giltrex Ltd. Website)

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Author's Website

Operating System:
File Size: 800 KB
License Conditions:

Registration: $35.00

System Requirements:

386, 486 or Pentium; RAM: 8MB (win9x), 16MB (winNT); soundcard; Java complient browser

Last Updated: 2004-06-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

  • Search on any conceivable chord, displaying many inversions of chord found.
  • Change tuning tany alternate tuning desired.
  • Chord directory with over 400 chord names accessing 10000 plus chord shapes.
  • Web publishing - save screen displays tHTML.
  • Chord history buffer.
  • Scratch Pad for custom modification of chord attributes etc.
  • Play chords through a sound card.
  • Print out screen displays.
  • Custom chord directory.

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hi ,
i m a learner of guitar i want to learn guitar(bass) in computer so plz provide me a free software about bass guitar.



Download Links Have Been Updated Today

All the downloading links have been updated so you should
now be able to get the program if you had any difficulty before.

<a href="/smm/programs/Chordsearch/download.shtml">Download Here</a>.

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