Chorus ch-1 beta
by ag-works
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Last Updated: 2005-09-01
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Software Description

Developer description:

I needed a versatile chorus effect for my guitar recordings, so I made this plugin which produces a rich sound by recreating up to 10 voices.
I've spent much time analyzing the output of some chorus effects with my SG-1, to make an idea about the technology they use: most of them show off signal reductions in the high frequency range, and produce messed harmonics around the modulated signals. Most of these plugins use linear interpolation for frequency modulation.

My CH-1 uses instead an allpass interpolation. It's computationally slower, but it doesn't reduce the high frequency components, and the unwanted harmonics introduced are minimized, in a certain manner as some analog devices did.

Notice: CH-1 hasn't a GUI yet, it uses the graphics provided by your host.

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