CineVideo/Direct v1.20
by CINECOM® Corp.

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.8 MB
License Conditions:

Single licence: $49.95

System Requirements:

486/66; 8MB RAM; 2MB hard disk; VGA Monitor; 14.4 or better modem / LAN card; Windows 95, or NT

Last Updated: 1998-01-07
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

See and speak to other CineVideo/Direct users anywhere in the world via the Internet.

CineVideo®/Direct is a video conferencing software product that allows for true live PC-to-PC video, full duplex audio and text communication over plain old telephone lines using 28.8 or faster modems, the Internet, ISDN, and/or LAN/WAN. The basic software allows for one on one video conferencing, live broadcasts, and pre-recorded Video On Demand (VOD).

CineVideo®/Direct can be used with most video capture devices that support Video for Windows.

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CineVideo Direct


What brandname equiptment goes best with this software. What would you recommend? Jean Im new to this and couldnt figure out what to use.



Request for information

Please forward to me details about our contract giving you permission to give out our product on this page. Since I am Director of Marketing for CineCom Corporation I would like to know how my products are being distributed. I have saved the source code for the page in question and will follow up on this tomorrow, if you have not responded by then. I am definitely not excited about this particular representation of our CineVideo/Direct product. You don't even have the correct file name listed.

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