Club MID 1.1.6
by T.Suzuki
(T.Suzuki Website)

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Author's Website

Operating System:
File Size: 211K
License Conditions:


System Requirements:

Macintosh with 68020 or higher/PowerPC, System7 + QuickTime or System7.1 or later, Apple MIDI Manager or OMS (Open Music System), MIDI tone generator or QuickTime Musical Instruments

Last Updated: 2001-04-15
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Club MID is an application for the Macintosh which allows you to play standard MIDI files.

One window holds one standard MIDI file, and displays it's current tempo, System Exclusive status, Control Change status and Voice Name, Panpot, Picth Bend, Level for each MIDI channel. List window can have up to 32640 MIDI files to be played back sequentially, or randomly.

Features:- Fat Binary, Macintosh Drag and Drop aware, GM, GS, XG format compatible.

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do you have the program listed above in the subject col.

midi players

I'm looking for a midi player that will run on a 68000 SE can any one help?

Club MID v1.0.8 available

v1.0.8 is available from my web page:

-- Setsu

Club MID v1.0.7 available

First message should be from author. :-)

v1.0.7 is available from my web page:

-- Setsu


tutto bene


WOTH i must to do after trening in snow zone. OR compyto give pasword pleas help my

Playing .mid files on a Mac

I have a pc and my friend has a Mac. I send him .mid midi files, but he can't play them. What to do?


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