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All demo programs are fully functional except for the ability to save more than 30 seconds of recorded data at a time.
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Last Updated: 2003-11-01
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Software Description

The Waveform Composer is a very handy tool for mixing a number of different waveforms (or tracks) into a single composition. The waveforms can all be played simultaneously. You can mix up to 16 tracks at a time, and the waveforms can be in any format (16 bits, stereo, 22 kHz, or whatever). You can also specify what format the final composition will be in. Composer is able to convert waveforms that use different samples per second, by using a streamlined method of interpolation. Using the Composer is quite straightforward. You simply load in the tracks that you want to include, position them so that they have the desired timing, then press 'Build', and you're done. Setting the desired timing is facilitated by auditioning selected portions of each track. You can also audition the final composition before saving it to disk.

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