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Last Updated: 2004-05-13
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Software Description


  • Two triple oscillators using either saw, square, exp, triangle, smooth saw, smooth square, vox and bell waves
  • Each of the six oscillator has individual tuning from between -36 semi to +36 semi.
  • Unison where you can controls the fine detuning between the osc's and how this detuning changes overtime.
  • Pulse width modulation of square wave
  • Two ADSR volume envelope.
  • Vibrato / Tremolo / Panning / Modulating Stereo widening.
  • 10 type filter (12/24db low/high/bp/br + ring/comb) with att/rel envelope, modulating LFO and velocity to filter.
  • 5 effects - tempo-synced delay, 4 part chorus / flanger, reverb, multistage phaser and distortion.
  • 80 presets and pdf manual. (thanks to David Blakely, EJR & MAUSEOLEUM for their presets)

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