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Host application.

Last Updated: 2004-03-14
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Software Description


  • Left / right delay line , these can be joined (i.e. the same) or independent of each other with cross delay / ping pong between them
  • Delay time in qb which can be autosynced to host , also fine delay time in milliseconds and long delay time upto 20 seconds. Smoothing of delay length changes
  • Automatic delay ducking, noisegate and limiting for reducing the clutter in the mix
  • Two filters with modulation built in the feedback loop, each filter can be one of ten different types (12/24 lo/hi/bp/br + ring mod & comb) , which can be used serially, in parallel, around the distort or separately for left/right channel
  • Saturation Distortion, two types of saturation / distortion with hard / soft clipping
  • Flutter, tape flutter emulation using double delay LFO's (can also be used for chorus / vibrato /pitchshifting type effects)
  • Static / degrade - tunable static and variable degrading of the signal
  • Panic button to turn off sound and feedback decaying to stop infinite feedback
  • PDF manual & 16 presets

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this is cool its for real and this is a selling point which is aussome

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