Control Phreak 2.1
by Florida Music Company
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File Size: 2.29 MB
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Only 2 sounds and 3 presets available on unregistered version. Register to access all 5 sounds and 100 presets. Registration:US $49.95

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Last Updated: 2000-11-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Take control of your sound card and MIDI modules with Control Phreak. Choose and layer up to 5 sounds per module. Apply up to 5 splits, add reverb, chorus or pan and name and save it in one of 100 presets. Load and edit your own sound banks. Use Control Phreak remotely by using the preset controls on your keyboard!

Control Phreak has been tested with many popular VST's and with tascam Gigastudio.


  • Can be used with any sound card
  • Split each sound up to 5 times
  • Layer up to 5 sounds per module
  • Add reverb, chorus and pan effects
  • Name and save up to 100 presets
  • Enhance your favorite programs such as Gigastudio, Cakewalk etc by using Control Phreak's preset controls
  • Load and edit your own sound banks
  • Apply octave shift
  • Channel allocation for each sound
  • The remote control feature allows you to move through the presets without going to your PC
  • All presets and sound banks saved automatically on switch off
  • Store up to 127 sound banks each with 127 sounds (that's over 16 thousand sounds at your disposal)
  • New Feature: Save whole sets of presets and load new ones

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the ferst time im geting rong vibe;s but its nice and sweet i love it it can du olmost every thing and eny thing

virtual keyboard

Dream Machine by Audio Simulations is powerful and is computer keyboard accessible. Dream Machine has its own sequencer as well. OK on Win 98 but they are not Windows 2000 ready yet, but should be soon. I would suggest at least Pen II and significant RAM to avoid latency if you intend to be playing/recording/sequencing realtime. Say hello to Brian for me.

Another to use is the Rebirth and even better is the Reason.

The next best step to not having to use a keyboard is using the MC505, Roland's groovemachine. Its a flat surface keyboard and is the best cross between keyboard and intuitive interface controller.
Hope this helps, let me know if you find something better..Chris for Trancegroup

Virtual KeyBoard

I seek a sequenser that can use the computers own
keyboard to record MIDI - and not through an usual MIDI-
I hope you can help me

Re: Bome's Keyboard (find on this site).

: I seek a sequenser that can use the computers own
: keyboard to record MIDI - and not through an usual MIDI-
: keyboard.
: I hope you can help me

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