Csound Editor 1.4.160
by Flavio Tordini
(Flavio Tordini Website)

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Csound compiler

Last Updated: 2002-01-11
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Software Description

Csound Editor is an integrated development environment for Csound compilers. Edit Csound files, run Csound, launch utilities and manuals using one program. Csound Editor is designed to focus on the document and not on the user interface, it does not hide csound code from your view.

Areas of interest

Computer music

Algorythmic composition

Music teaching


[+] User-defined presets for Csound command lines and utilities.

[+] Syntax highlight.

[+] Integrated sound player.

[+] Code Outline. A tree view control that displays source code elements.

[+] Switch between orchestra and score with a click.

[+] In-context opcode help.

[+] Related Files panel. Shows the files of a Csound project.

[+] Pick opcodes from a list.

[+] Orchestra and score conversion to and from unified file format (csd).

[+] Store your favorite code fragments and quickly reuse them.

[+] Quick dialogs to insert orchestra headers, instruments, macro definitions, #include statements, random values.

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hi,i wanna try csound.

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