Cthugha-L 1.2
by Deischinger Harald & Kevin Burfitt
(Deischinger Harald & Kevin Burfitt Website)

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Operating System:
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License Conditions:

PostCardWare for private use - Shareware for commercial use

System Requirements:

svgalib, ncurses, XFree86 >= 3.2 (recommended), soundcard (recommended)

Last Updated: 1998-02-02
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

An oscilloscope on acid. "Cthugha displays your sound card's CD, line or mic-input, then processes it into a hypnotic, swirling, 256-color confection for your eyes" - WIRED 3.03 (p. 156: Music to Your Eyes)

Works with svgalib (on console) and X11. X11 version also runs as screen saver and supports DGA.

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bad link

i am looking for visual sound interpretation progs like Cthuga. Link is bad. Could u point me in the right direction to get some please. Kind Regards lee

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