Dirk's Instrument Tuner v1.3
by Dirk's Projects
(Dirk's Projects Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.02 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$29.00

System Requirements:

Microphone input, Pentium II 300 MHz.

Last Updated: 2008-02-02
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

This instrument tuner can be used to tune a wide
range of instruments like guitars, pianos, accordions, organs, flutes
and violins. It is even able to tune the two tones of beating
instruments, like the accordion, at once. This instrument tuner is
accurate, fast and easy to use. It runs on a pc or laptop and uses the
microphone that's connected to the soundcard. It can also use an
internal microphone like most laptops have. This chromatic instrument
tuner is fully automatic. It measures sound using the microphone and
detects the tone that is played. The detected tone is compared with the
nearest tone in the scale. The deviation of the tone is displayed using
an easy to read gauge. Take a look at the website for a description of
all the features.

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