DTAB v0.98b
by Kevin Picone
(Kevin Picone Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.68 MB
License Conditions:

User has 30 days to register.

System Requirements:

P2 300 or Above, 16 MB, 1 MB HDD, SoundBlaster + Midi Compatible Device

Last Updated: 2005-03-19
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

DTAB is a powerful and easy to use Drum Tab Editor. The package not only includes full support for Drum Tab creation with full Midi play back. But, It can also Import hand made Drum Tabs. Allowing users to download and listen to their favorite drum tabs from the web. Giving users access to thousands of free transcriptions online. Once imported, you can edit, print, convert to midi etc. Making it not only an Invaluable tuition aid for any developing drummers, but an easy source of percussion tracks for musicians also .

DTAB's play back engine supports custom time signatures, tempo changes, odd and even subdivisions ( triplets) as well as custom drum tab notations such as Accents, Flams, Doubles, Ruffs, Ghost strokes and Buzz strokes. Playback can be customized to the user preference, via user definable instrument mappings. Once a transcription is complete, DTAB can automatically produce perfectly formatted Drum Tabs for exchange upon Drum tab sites or printing. Transcriptions can also be exported directly to a Midi Files.

DTAB was built by a Drummer for all Musicians !.

Main Features:

  • MIDI PLAYBACK (Bar, Section & Song Modes)
  • IMPORT TAB FILES (import/play/edit songs downloaded from tab sites)
  • Brand New Interface
  • Editing can be controlled with Mouse & or Keyboard
  • User definable MIDI Sound Sets
  • Printing
  • Single or Multi Key Editing
  • Multi Bar Edit Tab Window
  • Full Support for common TAB notations (Accents, Flams, Doubles & Ruffs)
  • User Definable Personal Settings
  • User Defined Time Signatures
  • User selectable Drum Kits configurations.
  • User definable Editing Keys.
  • Buffered Delete Function
  • Copy / Paste / Insert / Delete Bars / Bar Scrolling
  • Section Naming, Copying
  • Automated Export to Tab function, removes unused any lines, and formats your Tab based upon your personal preferences.
  • Automatic Repeat Bar checking...
  • Bar Comments, Numbering
  • Easy Navigation
  • Export Section Naming
  • Quick Key Ref Documentation from within the program + Html Docs
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