DeKstasy v1.3.6
by Sonophile
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333 MHz G3 or better, Multichannel audio card/hardware output recommended

Last Updated: 2005-12-10
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Software Description

We all love spinning records, that's why we're DJ's, but let's face it, keeping two tracks perfectly synced isn't always easy. Think how much more you could do creatively if beat matching wasn't something you had to devote your attention to. Think what you could do with 3 or 4 turntables playing at once, all in perfect time. Maybe throw in a 303 or an 808 running off that same beat, through MIDI. And wouldn't it be nice not to have to carry every record you might want to play at that gig tonight?

DeKstasy is for all levels of DJs, but specifically targeted at pros and amateurs performing live. Don't be fooled by the fact that this is free software. This product was conceived and created primarily for live performances. Using your existing mixer and output hardware (or the standard onboard Macintosh output), the software replaces the functionality of your turntables and records with a slick interface and MP3 files.


  • Encode and import tracks from Audio CDs or records, or simply import pre-existing MP3's.
  • Analyze a file's BPM and create an exact beat signature for TRUE beat matching.
  • Play tracks on four virtual decks, all at once and all perfectly synced up.
  • Automatically beat match to any external audio signal -- makes tag-teaming a breeze!
  • Easily loop sections of playing tracks, all live and in real time.
  • Carry around hours and hours worth of music, all on your laptop; a 20GB drive will give you over 200 hours of music encoded at high quality.
  • Visually set up the mix without worrying about the synchronization of the tracks, allowing you to stay focused on the mixer and not on the decks.
  • Organize all your tracks into virtual Crates and Albums

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New in this version

  • Fixed a bug that allowed user to preview a track that was already cued in a deck, crashing the application.
  • Restored ability to delete audio at start or end of track, lost in version 1.3.0.
  • Rewinded tracks now actually start playing from the beginning.

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Crashes when you try to use FLAC!

It's clunky but crashes beautifuly if you try to use FLAC..

Multichannel Audio Card????

what is Multichannel Audio Card? how do i get it? and is it free? i don't know much all i want to do is beat match two tracks and make 1 single synchronized track

i like it

keet it it up,is just one of the best

it's free - just download it

it's free - just download it

dj mixer

i would like to try then in 2days for my company if i like your product

Re: dj mixer

: i would like to try then in 2days then buy for my company if i like your product

Version has been updated.

The Version listed on this website has been updated and the new download link is working !

Dekstasy download

Keeps giving me server error when I try to download from the USA 'server'! I'm downloading onto a Mac. Any ideas?

Re: Dekstasy download

very nice

Re: Dekstasy download

: Keeps giving me server error when I try to download from the USA 'server'! I'm downloading onto a Mac. Any ideas?
: Thanks

can't get tracks onto decks

i've downloaded dekstasy and have read the info or help pages but it says nothing about how to get my mp3's onto the decks. can anyone help? thanks billy

Re: can't get tracks onto decks

I'm in the same position... any answers?

uh yeah use the tutorial,

uh yeah use the tutorial, not that hard to figure out

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