Decifra v2.0.2
by Rogério Herkenhoff
(Rogério Herkenhoff Website)

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Full licence requires a password, uniquely associated to each computer. Registration fee: US$ 40

System Requirements:

Sound card

Last Updated: 2005-11-06
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Software Description

Decifra is the right tool for everyone involved with Chords & Lyrics documents, either in their edition, publication or ordinary use. This happens because Decifra has considered every aspect of these different user profiles. Even if you are not planning to edit a lot of documents, Decifra will improve the quality of your song library (transposition, organization and presentation). Moreover, it will help you to decipher virtually any available document of this kind, by importing or pasting plain text from other sources, including Internet pages.

Version 2 comes with full compatibility with modern Windows versions and two major improvements: extended number of simultaneous fonts and a very complete "lay-out function" (print preview and page configuration), of very practical results, not usually found in any kind of software.

Major features:

  • Very simple to use, although quite powerful
  • Intelligent, flexible and didactic chord dictionary
  • Prevent most mistakes in chord nomenclature
  • Expandable catalogue (chord types and fingerings)
  • Fingerings can be criticized and recognized
  • Chord symbols and diagrams can be customized
  • Two edition modes, for better performance
  • Optional and selective list of chord fingerings
  • Songs admit different fingerings for the same chord
  • Chords can be heard, according to each fingering
  • Easy, efficient and flexible transposition
  • Flexible and reliable presentation and printing
  • Simple and efficient access to your song library
  • Compact documents, for improved file exchange
  • Songs from files and Internet accepted and enriched
  • Chord fingering suggestion for the sources above
  • Free visualization version (for file distribution)

With the new revision 2.02: Windows updates and other minor modifications in your system will not invalidate your unlocking password.

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