Dee2 v2.2
by Michal Charydczak

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Operating System:
File Size: 300K
License Conditions:

No functionality limited shareware, sometimes lauching browser with dee2 website, registration $9.99

System Requirements:

500MHz CPU, Winamp version 2 or 3, Windows Media Player 9

Last Updated: 2003-01-06
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Dee2 is an advanced digital audio processing software which provides the sound enhancement algorithms to maximally improve the
experience of listened music:

  • Phat Bass - dynamically boosts the lowest frequencies of sound
    without unwanted distortion, rumble and resonance to make you're feeling
    the music, not only hearing.

  • Presence - boosts the middle frequencies of center
    positioned sound to make you're hearing the voice much more clearly

  • High Frequencies Recovery (HFR) - restores the highest
    part of spectrum degraded by MP3 compression as well as in analog audio tapes

  • Noise Reduction - removes the unwanted hiss without loss
    of treble.

  • Phat Treble - dynamically boosts the highest frequencies of sound to
    provide you hear as much treble as you want without distortion.

  • 3D Engine - widens the stereo depth of the sound allowing you
    to feel the true 3D effect on each speaker system.

  • Reverb - very flexible reverb processor is able to simulate almost every
    environment so you can feel the surrounding sounds like in this environment.

  • Volume limiter - intelligently attenuates the sound which normally
    will be clipped and distorted. Variable limit time allows you to control
    the time of attenuation to make the music as loud as possible or make this
    limiter almost transparent fo your ears.

  • 64 bit Sound Processing - each filter processes the sound in 64 bit
    dynamic which means no hearable distortion no and quality loss generated in Dee2. 24bit and 32bit input/output sound is supported.

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Error 404?

Where could i get this enhancments aside from this host?

Re: Error 404?

The Link may stop working at anytime!

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