Digidesign ASIO Driver Beta 5.3.3b1
by Digidesign
(Digidesign Website)

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Last Updated: 2002-11-21
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Software Description

The Digidesign ASIO Driver is a multichannel, multimedia sound driver that allows third-party audio programs which support the ASIO standard to record and play back through the following systems on Windows XP Professional or Home:

  • Pro Tools|HD with Pro Tools TDM 5.3.3
  • Pro Tools|24 MIX with Pro Tools TDM 5.3.1
  • Pro Tools|24 with Pro Tools TDM 5.3.1
  • Digi 002 with Pro Tools LE 5.3.2
  • Digi 001 with Pro Tools LE 5.3.1
  • Mbox with Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 (ASIO driver for Mbox available only with the Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 for Mbox on Windows XP installer. Use that installer instead of the installer on this page if you have an Mbox)
  • ToolBox & AudioMedia III with Pro Tools LE 5.3.1

The ASIO Driver can also be used as a stand-alone driver (without Pro Tools), with any of the systems listed above (except Digi 002 and Mbox). Digi 002 and Mbox require Pro Tools LE to be installed first.

Full-duplex recording and playback of 24- and 16-bit audio are supported at sample rates supported by the hardware and ASIO program used.

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No sound

I have been looking for days now just to get some sound on my comp. I own a Dell dimention 3000 and there is no sound driver every site that I have been on its been so misleading they offer a free driver then when you have taken so much time on downloading your asked to pay, I cant understand why this kind of thing is allowed. It better to just be truthful from the starta dngive people the choice. I am still looking and still have not found an audio divice for my comp.






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pro tools 5.3.1

I need pro tools 5.3.1 book for
win... xp

Re: pro tools 5.3.1

: I need pro tools 5.3.1 book for
: win... xp

Re: pro tools 5.3.1

: I need pro tools 5.3.1 book for
: win... xp

Re: pro tools 5.3.1

: I need pro tools 5.3.1 book for
: win... xp
you have to get arobat i think its arobat or acrobat,its a software you download and install
then after you intall it,look somewhere by windows in protools and look for documents or something and click on it,they also have a visual manual so you dont have to read anything about protools on digidesign.com look for Disk click on that and it should have a list of videos that teach you stuff,peace

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