Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter v1.1
by Blue Cat Audio
(Blue Cat Audio Website)
Owned by user BlueCat

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System Requirements:

VST and DX host application. DirectX 8.0 or higher.

Last Updated: 2006-11-29
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Software Description

Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter is a simple but powerful signal analysis tool: it measures the peak value of the signal and lets you record it as an automation curve, as well as the fact that your signal clips ('clipping' occurs when the signal is higher than the maximum value accepted by your audio system).

Thanks to this unique feature you can use your audio signal to control other effects: just copy and paste the generated automation envelope and assign it to any parameter of any effect on any track of your project. Many customers have successfuly used it for automated video processing: your audio track is now able to control your video effects! And your guitar is now able to influence your drums track.

New in v1.1

  • VST Version released.
  • GUI Improvement: added support for non-standard DPI Settings.
  • The plug-in now also records clip information
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