Disco XT DJ v7.4.2
by Disco Software
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Playback is interrupted every 30 minutes. Recording time is limited to 30 minutes. Otherwise it is fully functional. Registration 58 Euro

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Last Updated: 2014-06-04
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Software Description

Disco XT is a professional DJ mixing, automation and music playback software.

Integrates with iTunes
Use songs and playlists in your iTunes library in Disco XT without any setup or importing! Disco XT keeps in sync with iTunes all the time. Play songs directly from connected iPods or other media players.

Adjust the playback speed of deck without altering the musical pitch. When beatmixing, pitch-lock allows to sync the decks to the same tempo.

BPM Detection
BPM or Beats Per Minute is a unit used to measure the tempo of music. Disco XT automatically detects and shows the tempo of song that is playing. You can also process BPM for playlists or for your entire library.

With a touch of a button, you may put Disco XT to automix playback. In Automix Disco XT plays and fades songs together without any user intevention. Take a break from mixing when needed. Comes with several fading options, crossfades, gap between songs, fade outs and allows the user to create fading as well. Semi mix mode allows automatic playlist control while doing transitions manually.

Fade Editor
Create your own automated fades with the built-in fade editor. Includes several built-in fades for many different styles of mixing and music.

Automatic Gain Control
Disco XT adjusts song levels automatically for professional balanced playback. Optimal end points for songs are detected for gapless playback.

Listen to song with headphones without interfering with the output to your speakers. Cue tracks without anyone hearing while the music plays on!

Includes seamless looping. Set short part of song or beat to repeat. Loops are automatically synced to song tempo. Includes shifts left to right and halve/double buttons.

Use your microphone with Disco XT to talk over your mix. Give announcements and talk about upcoming songs.

Playlist Cueing
Cue up start and end times for songs on the playlist without loading the songs to decks. No more need for waiting until the song is close to being played to be able to cue the song.

Save Mixes
Record your mix output with all the transitions and effects. The recorded mix can be automatically split to separate tracks while still keeping the transition between songs. The record mixes are normalized to give maximum loudness possible.

The interface is split into several devices: waveform view, looping, effects and more. You can show/hide devices as you wish and only keep the ones you use to save screen space. Includes tabbed browsing for music library and playlists. Includes different skin options and user choice for coloring from red to blue and anything between.

See what you are going to hear. You can detect incoming changes in song and inspect song ends with the waveform displays. Waveforms can be zoomed, which allows to see closer to the song for setting start points or loops, and then zoom out to see further in to the future.

Hit Sampler
Play short audio samples over the mix. Samples can be recorded with microphone or taken from an existing audio file. Includes pitch and tempo controls and effects.

Disco XT comes with high quality effects including reverbation for giving more room to the sound, tempo-synced delays, sweeping phasers and resonant filters. Includes limiter/compressor for distortion-free playback.

User EQs
Disco XT includes High, Mid and Low EQs that can be adjusted and constructed entirely by the user . For suiting specific environments, speaker systems and musical genres use the 18-band equalizer with spectrum view.

For headphone listening Disco XT Supports Firewire and USB audio interfaces and USB headphones. Multichannel audio interfaces are supported. Disco XT can be controlled with MIDI hardware controllers. Includes built-in maps for several popular hardware controllers.

Artwork Browsing
Navigate your music library by album artworks that are stored in the audio files.

Auto Content
Disco XT can choose songs to add to the playlist automatically when needed. Setup rules for spread and genres/artists and Disco XT will keep the playlist filled with songs that match the rules you have set.

Changes in v7.4.2

  • Right-click browser-lists to select 'At Least n Items' filter.
  • Durations as single number (1 min,2min...) to browser lists.
  • Option to save recorded audio as WAVE 32bit float (almost instant).
  • RAM mode option added to preferences > misc, 256MB by default, use RAM memory for audio data cache, reduces disk use and is faster.
  • Tempo from idle smoother crossfade funcitonal again.
  • Added support for using on screen resolutions less than 1024pixels wide with switchable key shortcuts for left/right side.
  • Current tab may be selected from main menus or by right-clicking.
  • Dragging item over tab select switches tab.
  • Clock may be hidden.
  • Record decks c,d,e independelty from main record/output (right-click "...")
  • Decks C,D,E logged to play log sand better log logic
  • Tempo adjust of the program can be used with viewing video files (no playlist support) (deck, right-click "...")
  • Main effect chain n.3 does not effect decks C,D,E,F,G.
  • New effect type added for reducing loud notes, altering note dynamics, and distorting.
  • Main effect chain n.4 does not effect Comp Layers.
  • Deck effects audible for headphone output also.
  • Double buffer option to audio prefs and "Mix" menu: By adding some latency/delay, audio hiccups/interruptions are less likely.
  • Option do disable wave scroll for comp layers, from document name > sub menu.

Changes in v7.2.8

  • New 'EQ Big Pa' effect, featuring three param EQs instead of the low/high shelves.
  • Multiband limiter EQ with effects and customizable parameters, available for main output and for the comps for mastering.
  • Compile layers: lock dynamically adjusted effect parameter points during change of part length.
  • Compile layers: fixed part becoming disabled after another part was removed.
  • Compile layers: new effect selection 'File' which applies the effects to all instances of that file in different parts, usable for equalizing the same file in one place.

Changes in v7.2.2

  • Bugfix fpr artwork reading .
  • Other minor fixes

Changes in v7.2.1

  • Bugfix for 'unable to write...' problem occuring on some users (development message).
  • Bugfix for issue with pic lib window.

Changes in v6.7.4

  • bugfix for issue with effects (happened after relaunch).
  • bugfix for other effects.
  • easier effect adding.
  • hide/show shortcuts.
  • added big EQ.
  • MIDI button list identical to keyboard.
  • piano keys can be used as buttons.
  • right click wave zoom for entire song (key shortcut also).
  • mic buffer size / latency preferences.
  • decks / buttons graphics partial freeze if clicking nowhere.
  • resizing updates before mouse up.
  • multiple cue points (no buttons, only keys).
  • waveforms appear larger (height) when zoomed out.
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