White Noise Doppelmangler 1.1
by White Noise Audio Software
(White Noise Audio Software Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 8.10 MB
License Conditions:

Demo includes some presets. Noise inserted every 30 secs, no saving. Registration: $149 US

System Requirements:

1 Ghz intel cpu or equivalent AMD +
256 megs of RAM. Host.

Last Updated: 2005-01-06
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Dopplemangler is a full featured spectral resynthesizer. It will let you
take your .WAV files and turn them into something completely new. With
Doppelmangler, you can:

a.. Timestretch, reverse, reorder and remix your sounds by visually
redrawing their timeline.

b.. Apply one of 20 different nondestructive MangleFX to the spectrum of the sound. These will let you do vocoding, frequency shifting and scaling,
robotizing, hybridizing and more!

c.. Import images (in .BMP) and convert them to sounds. Export a .WAV
file as a .BMP and re-import the .BMP to get back the original sound. Now you
can visually edit the spectrum of a sound on a PC

d.. Morph between two sources

e.. Use up to 256 partials (partials are the basic components of any
sound) per voice

f.. Utilize a full FX section - Phaser, Chorus/Flanger/Delay and

g.. Modulate your sounds using time-syncable envelopes that can also be
used as LFO's

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